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Hi. I'm Ian and I am a destination wedding photographer, and we are destination wedding photographer specialists.

Destination Wedding Photography is my passion. I see life as a series of images, and I find inspiration in even the smallest moments in life. I eat, sleep, and breathe photography. Destination wedding photography isn’t my job; it isn’t an obligation. Destination wedding photography is a privilege; it is my life.

I refuse to fall into a photographic routine. I want to explore; I want to be diverse. I’ve recently found myself in a love affair with film. I love to capture my world with my old Hasselblad loaded with black and white film, and I love the experience of developing the images I have captured. The darkroom is one of my favorite places. Immersed in the developing process, I have the opportunity to literally watch as my vision becomes a reality. Film has become a wonderful creative outlet for my personal photographic projects.

I am a story teller. I don’t manipulate your day. I don’t create your moments. I just tell your story. I want to capture your destination wedding wedding experience from beginning to end. I want to take images that set the scene, images that will help you remember exactly what your wedding weekend felt like, images that document your most important moments. When you chose me as your destination wedding photographer, you are getting coverage of your entire wedding weekend. I don’t offer a variety of packages, when you hire me, you’re hiring me for full coverage of your event. From start to finish, I’ll be there.

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On your wedding day, you are surrounded by strangers who are responsible for taking care of the details of your day. The vendor who you will spend the most time with is your photographer. Your photographer is often the last person you see before you walk down the aisle, and is the first person to offer congratulations when your ceremony ends, and you are officially husband and wife. Your photographer will probably be the last face you see at the end of your night. You want to hire someone who you can relate to, someone whose company you enjoy. We specialize in long distance relationships, and as a result, we know how to make sure that by the time your wedding day arrives, we don’t feel like strangers.

Destination weddings come with built in complications. You’re planning an event in an unfamiliar location, and you may have to deal with cultural differences and language barriers. 

As destination wedding specialists, we’re prepared to deal with all of these obstacles, and we love the challenge and opportunities that new locations provide for us. Our experiences in a variety of locations and with many different cultures has given us the tools to successfully navigate any difficulties that might present themselves during your wedding weekend.

We chose to be destination wedding specialists because we don’t enjoy the repetition that comes with photographing in the same locations over and over again. We find our inspiration in the variety that comes with new locations. We usually spend the days before your wedding scouting the area and watching the light. Our experiences with destination after destination gives us the tools to capture your day smoothly, regardless of the challenges that might arise. We fall in love with every new place we photograph, and that love will be evident in our images. We can’t wait for the opportunity to experience your destination with you.

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